For all track relay races, starting athletes have a staggered start and must remain in their lanes; where applicable, subsequent runners are free to take up any position on the track. In all relay races the baton must be passed within the hand-over zone (marked on the track). The passing of the baton is completed at the moment it is in the hand of the receiving runner only, a dropped baton must be picked up by the athlete who dropped it.


U8 Boys & Girls4 x 100m shuttle run
U9-U16 Boys & Girls4 x 100m & 4 x 200m
U17 Boys & Girls & Mixed 4 x 100m & 4 x 200m
Medley Mixed Age Groups U9 – U11, U12 – U14 & U15 – U17
Medley Relay Format 2 x 100m, 1 x 200m & 1 x 400m

Each Combined Mixed team must have at least one boy and one girl, and at least one athlete must be from an age group below the top age group for the event.