Volunteering, Officiating & Coaching

We are always on the lookout for parents to become qualified as either a Coach, Official or Both! Even without these roles there are many ways you can help at Little athletics in a volunteer capacity.

BE A VOLUNTEER– Every parent is an important part of the Little Athletics community. Without your help, there would not be anyone to conduct the events for our children. During the Little Athletics season, you may be required to help out in many different ways, including as a Chaperone, Official, General Event Helper or any other necessary roles. New parents can find lots of information in the how to help at little athletics parent handbook. This information will make things easier for you, other helpers and the athletes. There are other opportunities for further athletics learning including a number of coaching and official courses that you can do to further improve your athletics knowledge.

BECOME AN OFFICIAL – In order to record and recognise Centre Records at a local level you must be Level 1 Qualified in that event. To complete the theory component of all events is FREE and just requires your time to complete the relative courses. None of these course are hard to complete, they also allow you to jump back through the course to review the information. Here are the basics to get you started.

Level 0 of the course is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended you complete the modules.

Level 1 There is a module for each event, you can complete just 1 in a particular event, a few, or all the modules. For example, if you only complete the Long Jump module, you will only be qualified to judge Long Jump and no other events. We recommend you complete all the events in Little Athletics to have a full understanding of them all. All modules can be completed in your own time and we ask that you email us your Certificate of Completion for each module so we know who is qualified.

Centre records obtained at home and regional meets must be verified by an accredited official with a minimum of level 1 accreditation. This was previously known as a ‘c grade’ official, however this accreditation is being phased out all will not be recognised after 31st Dec 2021.

BECOME A COACH – To obtain the basic qualifications you can complete the Introduction to Coaching Course or theLevel 1 Community Athletics Coach Course. GGLAC is able to assist with the cost for these courses and we ask you to read our Coaching Policy and speak to one of our coaches or a committee member for more information.

Speak to any of our Committee if you are interest or wish to know more.