The shot must be held and kept close to the neck and jaw during the throwing action. Measurement is from the inner circumference of the stop board to the nearest mark made by the shot (to the nearest cm below).

The measurement tape is always pulled through the centre of the throwing circle. The point of impact of the shot must be completely within the inner edge of the sector lines. Athletes may enter the circle from any direction but must leave from the rear half of the circle.Athletes are permitted to interrupt a trial, which is indicated to the official by the laying down of the shot put within the circle and the athlete may leave the circle (in the proper manner).


U6 – U7Blue1kg
U9 – U12Orange2kg
U13 – U14 BoysWhite3kg
U13 – U17 GirlsWhite3kg
U15 – U16 BoysRed4kg
U17 Boys Green5kg