Athletes are permitted three attempts at each height.  Athletes may commence jumping at any height (and may pass at any height or jump except following a baulk). If an athlete decides not to jump after a baulk, a foul jump is recorded.

An athlete ceases jumping when three consecutive fouls are recorded, regardless of the height(s) at which they occur. Athletes are out of the competition after three consecutive foul jumps (whether on the same or different heights).

If the horizontal bar is touched in the process of jumping, the jump is not passed until the official is satisfied that it will not subsequently fall as a result of the jump. This is irrespective of whether the athlete has left the landing mat area or not. A foul is recorded if the athlete touches the landing area beyond the plane of the uprights without jumping. (Note: the plane extends either side of the uprights).

Under 8 – under 10 must use the scissor action. To be a valid scissor jump, the head of the athlete must not go over the bar before the lead foot (foot closest to the bar at take-off), the head of the athlete must not be below the buttocks when the buttocks clear the bar, on landing, the first contact with the landing area is made by one or both feet.

Note: High Jump is not available to U6 and U7 athletes.