COMMITTEE 2017/2018

Role Member Commenced on committee in season
President Owen Gillingham 2010/2011
Vice-President Ian Upton 2014/2015
Secretary Jodie Stribling 2013/2014
Treasurer Chris Hentschke 2011/2012
Centre Registrar and Competitions Jodie Wegener 2009/2010
Centre Recorder Damien Goode 2013/2014
General Committee Michelle Edwards 2013/2014
General Committee Grahame Ellis 2016/2017
General Committee Lesley Friedrich 2017/2018
General Committee Paul Greenwood 2010/2011
General Committee David Skein 2014/2015
Child Safety Officer Jodie Stribling
Coaches Grahame Ellis (co-ordinator), Paul Greenwood, Scott Smart and Rodney Welch
First Aid Michelle Edwards
Canteen Chris Hentschke and Lyne Greenwood
Communication and Media Paul Greenwood
Groundsperson/Linemarking Owen Gillingham and Ian Upton
Northern Region Committee Ian Upton
Officer for Track and Field David Skein
Sponsorship/Fundraising VACANT, please email if you are interested
Team Manager at Association Meets Jodie Wegener
Tiny Tots Coordinator Amy Cobb
Uniforms Kerry Goode