Latest News


Membership and “Come and Try” registrations are now open on the SALAA Members Portal. Our Membership page has all the registration fees and details.

Our first Home Meet will be on Saturday 14 October at Tilley Reserve and we be getting underway at 8.45am. As this is the first home meet of the season please arrive early, especially if you need to collect your membership bag, need assistance with registering, or are a come and try participant.

Training session times for the upcoming season are still being finalised and we hope to provide details soon.

Our Season Program is now available.

New Equipment

The Committee have been busy in the off season and have ordered a new full size high jump mat which will be ready in time for the upcoming season. At a cost of $5,500 this piece of equipment is not cheap, so we are using some recently received grant monies (to be used for this equipment) along with funds we have been accumulating from our own fundraising. The new mat meets the new specification rules commencing season 2019/2020 and will be 5m wide by 3m deep and 55cm high. We hope to have some more good news in the coming weeks of further improvements to our facilities.

Membership Registration and Uniform Sales Event

We will be at our Tilley Reserve shed from 9am-11.00am on both Saturday 30 September and 7 October to issue membership packs and sell uniforms to those that want to be prepared for the first home meet and miss the rush that can occur at the first Home Meet.

We will also be happy to assist people process their online registrations for both Membership and those wanting to Come and Try, and answer any questions you may have about the upcoming season and little athletics.