GGLAC had a fantastic weekend at this season’s State Individual Championships held at SA Athletics Stadium over the weekend of 23, 24, 25 March 2018. Our athletes achieved over 110 Personal Bests, set many new Centre Records, won lots of medals, set 4 State Best Performances including a new AUSTRALIAN BEST PERFORMANCE by Chelsea (U12) in the High Jump. We also had five athletes selected to represent SA in the Australian Little Athletics Championships.

Congratulations to all competing GGLAC athletes for their awesome achievements.

A summary of the weekend’s results are:

U17 Christian Thiry – Javelin (48.99m *Centre Best Performance)
U17 Christian Thiry – Shot Put (12.60m *Centre Best Performance)
U17 Jay Goode – High Jump
U17 Jay Goode – Long Jump
U17 Jay Goode – Triple Jump
U16 Gemma Greenwood – 300m Hurdles (53.14sec *Centre Best Performance)
U16 Taylah Spackman – Triple Jump
U15 Talisha Skein – Javelin (40.11m *Centre Best Performance)
U15 Tamsyn Murdoch – 200m
U15 Tamsyn Murdoch – 90m Hurdles
U15 Tamsyn Murdoch – 300m Hurdles (47.91sec *STATE BEST PERFORMANCE)
U15 Ben Povey – 1500m (4:45.36 *Centre Best Performance)
U14 Lauren Smith – Shot Put
U13 Amelie Borg – Discus
U13 Amelie Borg – Shot Put (12.44m *Centre Best Performance)
U13 Harry Kowal – 80m Hurdles
U13 Harry Kowal – 200m Hurdles (28.23 sec *STATE BEST PERFORMANCE)
U13 Liam Samwell – High Jump
U12 Chelsea Friedrich – High Jump (1.66m *AUSTRALIAN BEST PERFORMANCE)
U12 Chelsea Friedrich – Triple Jump (10.78m *STATE BEST PERFORMANCE)
U12 Liam Jones – High Jump
U11 Indy Cotton – High Jump
U10 Isaac Riddle – 70m
U10 Isaac Riddle – 60m Hurdles
U9 Kelechi Ekwomadu – High Jump

U17 Jaimee Lake – Discus
U17 Jaimee Lake – Shot Put
U17 Christian Thiry – Discus
U17 Jayden Goode – 1500m (4:40.69 *Centre Best Performance)
U17 Jayden Goode – 300m Hurdles (43.86sec *Centre Best Performance)
U17 Jordan Hocking – Triple Jump
U16 Gemma Greenwood – 800m (2:30.66 *Centre Best Performance)
U16 Gemma Greenwood – 1500m (5:11.27 *Centre Best Performance)
U16 Hayley Goode – 400m
U16 Hayley Goode – Triple Jump
U15 Tamsyn Murdoch – High Jump
U15 Tamsyn Murdoch – Long Jump
U14 Lauren Smith – Discus
U14 Sara Belkner – 100m
U14 Sara Belkner – High Jump
U13 Harry Kowal – Triple Jump
U13 Joel Woodberry – 100m (12.60 sec *Centre Best Performance)
U12 Chelsea Friedrich – Long Jump
U10 Isaac Riddle – 100m
U10 Isaac Riddle – 200m
U10 Isaac Riddle – Long Jump
U9 Alicia Jones – 700m Walk
U9 Kelechi Ekwomadu – 70m

U17 Jaimee Lake – 100m
U17 Jordan Hocking – Discus
U17 Jordan Hocking – 100m
U17 Jordan Hocking – Shot Put
U17 Jordan Hocking – Long Jump
U16 Hayley Goode – 200m
U16 Mackenzie Wegener – 300m Hurdles
U15 Riley Upton – Triple Jump
U15 Ben Povey – 800m
U14 Sara Belkner – 200m
U14 Sara Belkner – 400m
U14 Jay Watson – High Jump
U13 Joel Woodberry – 200m
U13 Liam Samwell – 100m
U12 Chelsea Friedrich – 100m
U11 Dakota Whyte – 400m
U9 Isabella Kluge – 700m Walk
U9 Kelechi Ekwomadu – 100m
U9 Kelechi Ekwomadu – Long Jump

Other Centre records:
U13 Liam Samwell – 400m (1:00.20)

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State Team Representation at the 2018 Australian Little Athletics Championships being held in Runaway Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland on 28/29 April:
U13 – Amelie Borg, Harry Kowal, Liam Samwell, Joel Woodberry
U15 – Tamsyn Murdoch