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UPDATE: Unfortunately, whilst we received council approval late in 2017 to install permanent concrete Shot Put rings and an additional Discus ring, we have been unable to get our contractors to perform the works to date. As there is only 2 more meets for the season, the committee plan to get this project completed during the off season and have them ready for the 2018/2019 season.

We have some good news for our members. We are pleased to announce that after many years negotiating with TTG Council we have now received approval to install 4 concrete Shot Put rings and 1 Discus ring at Tilley Reserve. We are now in contact with our contractors to install these rings. Given the proximity to Christmas we are hopeful they will be ready for use at the beginning of 2018. These rings will be funded from the Club’s savings which we have been accumulating for projects like this.

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The committee is pleased to announce that we have a new High Jump Mat for the upcoming season. The new mat replaces our old large mat that had seen better days and will meet the new regulations coming in from the 2019/2020 season.

This purchase was made possible with the assistance of a Tea Tree Gully Council grant along with our fundraising monies.

We hope to have more good news facility announcements soon!