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We are holding an open program for this week’s home meet, where athletes choose their events (max of 6 and any combination of track and/or field) if they want get that to get that second State Individual Championships or State Challenge qualifier, or just a PB in their favourite event(s).

All track events will run to a timed program and these events take precedence over field, meaning you need to be at the appropriate track start line at the time on the program. If you are doing a field event at this time, you must leave the field event and return after the track event is held. However with planning this should not be a problem as all field events will run for the duration of the meet.

Download and print the PROGRAM to plan your morning.
We remind all parents that an appropriate official must be in attendance to witness and record any Centre Record. If you believe an athlete may challenge a Centre Record, ensure an official is an attendance prior to the event.

AGE GROUP PARENT ROSTER – This week we need parents from U9’s (at least 2 parents) for SETUP from 7.45am and U11’s are on the BBQ. Check the whiteboard for times.

ALL AGE GROUPS – The last age group on the event is PACK UP the event equipment and place in a neat pile to make it easy for us to collect at the end of the meet.

Please arrive and be ready to commence at 8.45am.

The Barista in the Sun coffee van will be in attendance!

Come and Try participants are welcome to all Home Meets. Go to our Membership page for more information.

We would like to remind everyone that an adult MUST REMAIN AT TILLEY RESERVE during the competition, we refer to our Parent Participation Policy. Ideally you be able help out in the age group with the running of the events by retrieving the shot/discus, spiking, raking sand for long/triple jump or returning the bar at high jump. By being involved you are able to support and cheer your child as the participate.

Event News